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    Selection of PET plastic bottle recycling site


    As we know the recycling rate of plastic bottles, especially PET bottles is very high. There are a lot of people who specialize in the recycling of plastic bottles. But as a hollow plastic bottles, there are some problems in the process of recycling will be worthy of our attention. Now, Ruili Machinery will have a detailed analysis.


    First of all, waste plastic bottles are hollow products, need to take up a lot of space, coupled with the price of plastic bottles recycling market is often fluctuated, for large plastic bottle recycling, in order to ship at a reasonable time, naturally take a lot Part of the space, which is what we want to plastic bottle site attention, on the one hand to facilitate the transport, on the other hand there must be open space. Second, the waste plastic bottles are easy to breed a variety of bacteria, health issues also need special attention, if the address selected in some residential areas around, will affect the surrounding health, causing complaints. Third, plastic bottles are flammable products, fire is also must be noted.A large number of plastic bottles stacked, especially in summer, or the rainy season, if the internal temperature is too high, easily lead to spontaneous combustion.


    For the recycling of plastic bottles, engaged in this industry friends, we hope to still from a multi-angle analysis and consideration, a variety of factors to consider, making the entire recycling smoothly. For the choice of plastic recycling machines, you can refer to Ruili Machinery's recommendation, select a special pet bottle recycling machine, a full set of equipment from 30,000 to 100,000, according to your needs engineers will give professional advice.

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