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    Ruili Machinery debut at 2014 Tianjin International Recycling Exhibition

    Sponsored by the China Materials Recycling Association, China Materials Recycling Association Renewable Resources Trade Promotion Committee and the China Materials Recycling Association recycled plastics branch of the contractors (2014) (China) International Recycling Conference & Exhibition on September 22-26 in Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center was successfully held, the General Assembly set up "city mine, resource recovery" the main forum and the "metal recycling", "recycled plastic" two sub-forum. Leaders of the relevant ministries, well-known experts and scholars published an authoritative, high-level speech, and more than 30 countries and regions from around the world more than 500 representatives to discuss the new situation under the renewable resources industry development direction.


    2014 (Ninth) China International Recycling Conference & Exhibition has set up a special exhibition area, metal recycling exhibition, plastic recycling exhibition and renewable resources to discuss the total area of 5,000 square meters exhibition area, more than 2,000 professional visitors to visit the exchange. For the renewable resources enterprises to provide a professional display platform for the participants of the renewable resources business representatives to provide a direct, efficient and convenient trade exchange platform.



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