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    The Human Resources Bureau of Hanchuan held a staff training seminar at our factory


    October 15, 2014, Hanchuan City Department of Human Resources and Social Security held in our factory staff training skills training seminars, the training course is to further understand and master our factory workers education and training work, timely combing business Internal training needs of various types of staff to improve the overall quality in order to more quickly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. The whole training session lasted more than 2 hours, the meeting mainly to ideological and political education as the center, sing good corporate training the main theme of the survival and sustainable development of enterprises is our ideological and political education training work starting point and the foothold, find a good business development And the combination of staff training and education, creative work to do the work of workers, in order to truly enterprise workers training and education work to implement, on the important position, grasping, do a good job.


    The meeting highlights the ideals and beliefs of employees, moral and ideological transformation of education and training. Through the ideals and beliefs, moral and ideological transformation of education, focusing on enterprise employees in the construction and development of enterprises to pay dedication and obtain the appropriate labor remuneration process, establish a firm ideals and beliefs and the correct outlook on life, values, abide by professional ethics and Social morality. To guide employees from the individual consciousness to the team consciousness change, from solo to mutual trust cooperation change, from hard work to high efficiency, from attention to grasp the opportunity to change from the business sense to the market sense of change.


    Strengthen love enterprises, career education and training. Business is the survival and development of employees rely on the post is the cornerstone of progress, through training and education, so that employees clearly recognize serious working attitude can reduce crisis, cherish the job from my start, consciously accept new knowledge and improve Their own technical quality, based on post talent, training business workers a good mental state.


    In-depth legal system and corporate training. Guide enterprises employees to abide by the law, abide by the rules and regulations of enterprises, consciously according to law and regulations, to promote enterprise employees to the attitude of the masters, positive and peaceful attitude and civilized and orderly behavior to participate in enterprise management, democratic supervision.


    In short, the development and survival of enterprises and employees of the ideological quality of business, improve the quality of business is inseparable, in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of workers, unremitting efforts to carry out the training of workers is very important and indispensable. And effectively carry out and strengthen the training and education of enterprises, the development of enterprises and the overall market competitiveness of the core play a key role.

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