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    The recycling of waste plastics is very promising

    With the continuous development of the economy, the use and disposal of plastic products more and more, environmental damage is increasingly serious, environmental protection and energy conservation is imminent.In the context of national policy support and economic development, recycling industry development situation is very good.

    China's plastics industry has made remarkable achievements in the world's second largest plastic products, plastic processing technology and equipment, plastic products and application areas have entered the ranks of the world's advanced. However, the white pollution, as well as the potential harm caused by waste plastics to the environment, has attracted the attention of state leaders, government departments and society. With the continuous development of China's plastics industry, waste plastics recycling become China's resources recycling and environmental protection cause of an important aspect.


    Firstly, policy analysis

    Comprehensive utilization of resources is a long-term strategic policy in China's economic and social development. It is also a major technical and economic policy. It is of great significance to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, develop circular economy and build a conservation-oriented society.

    Second, the market analysis

    With the increasing consumption of plastic products, waste plastics are also increasing. At present, China's waste plastics market value of more than 100 billion yuan. With the rising international crude oil prices, as the oil by-product plastic raw materials - the price of resin with the international oil prices all the way up, accordingly, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, aromatics, synthetic rubber and other products ex-factory price The Which led to the recycling of plastic re-prosperity.

    In recent years, the price of plastic raw materials on the market has played a great role in promoting the price of waste plastics also rose sharply, of which more pure polyethylene, polypropylene recycled material prices reached a maximum of 6000 yuan / ton, close to the raw materials Price. With the increasing intensity of national environmental protection, waste plastics recycling industry development prospects will be more broad.

    In recent years, the amount of waste plastics has reached more than 4000 million tons in the all world. Recycling of plastic waste has become the world's environmental protection work to be seriously addressed one of the important issues.


    Third, comprehensive analysis

    With the large number of plastic applications, the current crude oil prices continue to remain high, since the 21st century, China's plastics recycling industry market gradually bustling, small and medium enterprises continue to emerge, investment gradually active from the previous family workshop recycling recycled plastic model is to market Demand-driven pure business model change, and is developing into a recycling industry cluster, market transactions intensified, to rely entirely on market demand and price-driven environment-friendly industrial economy.

    The use of plastic products is also more and more extensive, but at the same time waste plastic products on the environment caused by the increasingly serious pollution, tens of millions of tons of plastic waste each year to the ecological environment and economic development damage and loss has become an urgent need to solve the community problem.

    In the future waste plastics recycling market opportunities on the infinite road, land, profits and other related issues are also of concern, only to solve the core issues, can achieve long-term development.

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