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    • The recycling of waste plastics is very promising

      With the continuous development of the economy, the use and disposal of plastic products more and more, environmental damage is increasingly serious, environmental protection and energy conservation is imminent.In the context of national policy support and economic development, recycling industry development situation is very good.

    • The Human Resources Bureau of Hanchuan held a staff training seminar at our factory

      October 15, 2014, Hanchuan City Department of Human Resources and Social Security held in our factory staff training skills training seminars, the training course is to further understand and master our factory workers education and training work, timely combing business Internal training needs of various types of staff to improve the overall quality in order to more quickly improve the core compe..

    • Ruili Machinery debut at 2014 Tianjin International Recycling Exhibition

      Sponsored by the China Materials Recycling Association, China Materials Recycling Association Renewable Resources Trade Promotion Committee and the China Materials Recycling Association recycled plastics branch of the contractors (2014) (China) International Recycling Conference & Exhibition on September 22-26 in Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center was successfully held

    • Selection of PET plastic bottle recycling site

      As we know the recycling rate of plastic bottles, especially PET bottles is very high. There are a lot of people who specialize in the recycling of plastic bottles. But as a hollow plastic bottles, there are some problems in the process of recycling will be worthy of our attention. Now, Ruili Machinery will have a detailed analysis.

    • Ruili Machinery debut 2015 China (Ningbo) Plastic & Rubber Industry Exhibition

      2015 China (Ningbo) International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition & Rubber & Plastics Raw Materials, Auxiliaries & Materials Equipment Sourcing Fair will be held at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 23rd to 25th. The exhibition will be organized by China Plastics Processing Industry Association Industry associations, Ningbo City Plastics Machinery Industry As..

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